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อายุต่ำกว่า 18 ปี : มาพร้อมผู้ปกครอง  Under 18 : accompanied by parent or legal guardian
อายุ 15-17 ปี  : เจาะติ่งหูได้โดยไม่มีผู้ปกครอง 15-17 : lobes piercing without parent or legal guardian
อายุต่ำกว่า 15 ปี : มาพร้อมผู้ปกครอง, เจาะได้เฉพาะติ่งหูเท่านั้น Under 15 : lobes piercing only accompanied by parent or legal guardian 
Our team of experienced and skilled piercers is passionate about their craft and committed to delivering exceptional results. We prioritize hygiene and adhere to the highest standards of sterilization and cleanliness. Rest assured that we use only top-quality, hypoallergenic materials to minimize the risk of any adverse reactions.

We offer a diverse selection of piercing options to suit your individual preferences. Whether you're looking to enhance your earlobes with multiple ear piercings, adorn your cartilage with a delicate stud, or explore more daring options such as nose, lip, eyebrow, or even body piercings, our talented piercers are here to guide you through the process. Please enjoy your experiences at our Studio.